The cruise line between Burgas and Istanbul is set

From 2019, the first cruise ships between Burgas and Istanbul can be launched. We work for the realization of the idea, announced the director of Port of Burgas Dian Dimov. Three sailings per a week are planned. Ships will leave at night from the Bulgarian town to the Turkish megapolis. They will arrive in the morning and the tourists will be able to see Istanbul for a day and return with the same boat back to Burgas for a second-night sailing.

Burgas Istanbul cruise

Companies have already shown interest in serving the line. Even more so, Turkey sponsors cruises on ships of up to 100 and up to 200 seats with between 30 and 45 dollars per passenger. In turn, the Bulgarian port is considering drastically reducing port taxes to make this type of travel cheaper and profitable for potential investors. There is also a visa facilitation procedure for Turkish tourists whose stay in Bulgaria is up to 48 hours.

Burgas Istanbul cruise
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