Culinary fiesta begins in Rudozem

The World Day of Laughter on April 1st in Rudozem will mark not only jokes and music but also a culinary show. The start of the tasty event is at 11 a.m. on the main square of Bulgarian city. The participants in the competition to make the most delicious traditional Rhodope specialties will be appreciated by the doyen of the culinary art in the region chef Asen Chaushev.


The enthusiasts will be able to compete in three categories – for the best, starters and main dishes, as well as the most delicious dessert. The winners in each category will receive a 200 leva cash prize /approximately 100 Euro/, and all the participants will get honorary prizes. The audience will also be pleased to try the local delicacies. The first visitors will be able to climb a hora or join the carnival procession.


However, the holiday in Rudozem will begin on March 30th. Then comedy films will be screened at the House of Culture. On March 31st, the City Hall will host a Balkan Humorous Party. The opening hour is 08.30 p.m. At the party will take part in the orchestra “South wind”, Nesha Markovic, Nuro Xanthioti, as well as Rhodope performers.

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