Culinary and musical surprises at the feast of the Elena‘s ham

Between 26th and 28th of October in Elena will be held the attractive feast of Elena’s ham. Making delicious dried pork is turned into art in the mountain town. Everyone can taste the delicacy, participate in games, entertain, learn more about local cuisine and traditions and enjoy the Bulgarian folk music during the festival. The beginning of the fun will start on October 26 with the celebration of Dimitrovden and performances of the male folk group Dabene.

elenas ham feast

On October 27 from 10 am, you can watch a re-rooting session of a pig on a trap. An hour later the audience will sing and play Ana-Maria and Zax Orchestra. At 1 pm you can join the adventure game “Searching for the Lost Ham”. For this purpose teams of at least 5 people have to be formed, which go around different locations in the city and solve logical puzzles. Winners are the ones who are able to visit most places and answer the most questions.

elenas ham feast

Those who are not so adventurous can again listen and gaze at the male folk group Dabene in the square. At 2 pm in the Syndicate home are provided games and entertainment for the children. Theatre of Haskovo will play a “Slow Tale” from 4 pm. At 5 pm the festive treat of the square begins. But at 12 o’clock in the City Market, you can taste local delicacies during the culinary show. At 1 pm, Ivan Zvezdev will prepare his reading of the traditions and will surprise you with local sushi. There follows a folklore program and a concert by Ivelina Koleva. In the square, the audience will rejoice local amateurs.

elenas ham feast

At 6 pm the winners of the adventure game will be awarded. At 06.30 pm, the concert of the Canary Orchestra begins. And at 08.30 pm you can enjoy the feast’s fireworks. On the last day of the holiday, you can find out “what’s left of the pig” during the open kitchen for local specialities. At 12 o’clock will sing Sunnah Chalukov.

elenas ham
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