Cultural Calendar – Burgas 2014

Cultural Calendar – Burgas 2014

F E B R U A R Y 19.02. 141 years of destruction of Vasil Levski

M A R C H 03.03. 136 years from Bulgaria’s Liberation from Ottoman yoke – National Day Sofia International Film Festival – “Na brega”

A P R I L 18 – 21.04. Easter TEMPLATES HOLIDAYS 22.04. World Earth Day 24.04. Memorial Day Armenians Festival of rock and pop music Musical Feasts “Varban Vurbanov”

M A Y National Literary Competition “Petya Dubarova” 06.05. Day of bravery and glory MILITARY 09.05. Europe Day 20.05. European Day of the Sea 24.05. Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and of Slavonic Alphabet

J U N E 02.06. Destruction of Hristo Botev 06 – 08.06. Festival of arts 30.06 JULY MORNING

J U L Y Festival of sand sculptures

18.07. National audition for funny songs “Bourgas and the Sea”

A U G U S T МTV-festival “Spirit of Burgas” 12.08. International Day of Youth Contemporary Bulgarian Art “Friends of the Sea” 18.08.-22.08. International Folklore Festival International Tatoo fest

S E P T E M B E R 06.09. Unification Day 22.09. Independence Day of Bulgaria

O C T O B E R 01-31.10. Autumn literary festivals 31.10. International Day of the Black Sea

N O V E M B E R 21.11. Day of the Christian family

D E C E M B E R 06.12. Nikulden – Celebration of Burgas 20.12.-31.12. New year

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