Get ready to descent the longest inflatable slide in Europe in Bansko

Get ready to descent the longest inflatable slide in Europe in Bansko. The new slide is the biggest attraction of Banderishka meadow above the Bulgarian mountain resort. It has a size of 350 meters. Similar equipment for entertainment can only to be found in the US, New Zealand and Australia.


The ticket for the summer water slide costs 10 leva /approximately 5 euro/ for adults and 7 leva /approximately 3, 50 euro for children/. If you decide to enjoy the slide 3 times in a row you should pay 27 leva /approximately 13,5 euro/ for an adult and 18 leva for a child / approximately 9 euro/.


6 slides pack that can be used from a group of 3-6 persons costs 48 leva /approximately 24 euro/ for adults and 30 leva for children /approximately 15 euro/ . Nine slides pack that can be used from a group of 3-9 persons costs  63 leva for adults /approximately 31,5 euro/ and 36 leva for children /approximately 18 euro/ .


Other attractions for the tourists at Banderishka meadows are the mini golf, football ground, inflatable castles, swings and play areas for children. Instructors look after the safety of the children and safety helmets are obligatory used for the sliding.



For the convenience of the tourists, the gondola lift is operating. It costs 15 leva for adults if they choose a two way package /approximately 7,5 euro/ , 12 leva for children above the age of 7 /approximately 3,5 euro/ and 1 leva for the little ones /approximately 0,5 euro/.

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