The guests of Albena are spoiled with a new dessert dedicated to Grigor Dimitrov and Wimbledon

The guests of Albena resort will be spoiled in the next two weeks with a new dessert that was created specifically for the participation of Grigor Dimitrov in the Wimbledon tennis tournament. The unique combination of strawberries with vanilla cream has its history associated with the 140-year-old famous race. Since the red berries season was also during the tournament.

dessert strawberries albena tennis

The dessert was first presented to around 200 Wimbledon spectators in 1877. Since then, strawberries with cream have become a trademark of the tennis tournament and during the two weeks of the race are eaten an average of 28,000 kg of sweet fruits. To feel like part of the elite audience of the competition, just try the dessert that is served in restaurants throughout the Bulgarian resort Albena.

dessert strawberries albena tennis

A new tennis center was recently opened in the Bulgarian resort. It is located in front of Dobrudzha Hotel and has 7 tennis courts with chamotte. One of the courts can become a stadium thanks to a mobile platform and lighting. If you walk to the courts you can learn a bit more about the history of the Grand Slam from specially placed signs. With the new courts in Albena already have 19 tennis courts.

dessert strawberries albena tennis
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