Desserts from the 60s in Albena resort

This summer Albena offers to the tourists 1969 Desserts …as per 1969 recipes and prices We introduce you Chocolate Plaisir, ‘Frisco’ Fruit Melba and Bavarian cream – prices from 1.53 BGN

Chocolate Plaisir “Sometimes I say ” Go “… and bite off a piece of chocolate” – Claudia Schiffer Irresistible chocolate cream in a crispy cone. 1.53 BGN

‘Frisco’ Fruit Melba A selection of three types of ice cream, soft cream flavor, fruits and biscuits. Irresistible freshness in the hot summer days. 1.86 BGN

Bavarian cream One of the most popular and favorite creams for the fine dessert lovers. Prepared as per an original recipe, accompanied by soft cream and walnuts. 2.26

Welcome to the cafe with the best view on the Black coast!

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