Devin is in the rhythm of the bagpipes

For the first time in Devin, the “Hear Devin” festival will be held from 20th to 22nd October. The event will bring together the fans of the Bulgarian folk music and in particular the rhythms of the Rhodopes. At the fest, to enjoy the audience, will join musicians from all over the world. In Devin, you will also hear guests from Macedonia, Ireland, and Portugal, besides bagpipes and kaval performers.


Dancers and illusionists will also take part in the festival. The streets of one of the most prominent spa resorts will be filled with stands. They will offer products and souvenirs from the region and will present traditional crafts. The festival takes place for the first time but will become traditional. The organizer is Devin municipality.

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Besides the traditional Rhodope music and lifestyle, the guests of the “Hear Devin” festival will have the opportunity to see and hear modern forms of art by different artists but still under the inspiration and influence of the local Rhodope tradition.

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I love to travel because of the encounters with diverse people and cultures and the chance to touch other worlds. And this can happen even without leaving the borders of your own country. For example, at a festival, you can travel thousands of years and dozens of borders without leaving your place. For me, the journey is not only beautiful landscapes and ancient landmarks but also thousands of human stories. Let's learn them together.