9 differences between tourist and traveler

Tourists and travelers have many differences between them. Some of them like to be photographed and to flood the social networks with selfies, while the others prefer to take pictures at the landscape around him. We do not say that there’s a right and wrong way to travel. In fact, the key to a good journey or a trip to enjoy it. Yet here are the other 8 differences between the traveler and the tourist.

The tourists prefer to look for the easiest way of movement from point A to point B, for example by taxi or bus. The traveler on the other hand will prefer to walk on foot to feel how live the local people. And even to get lost. Or to just go on unbeaten path in the mountains where can’t feel suffocated by the crowds.

While the tourists look for facilities like comfortable bed and a pillow, the tourist is ready o sleep under the stars, in a hostel with a bunch of people or even in the closet of a stranger, but to save money for the next trip and to feel free.

The first job of the tourist in a city that he never visited is to tour a list of the most famous landmarks. However, what is Paris without the Eiffel Tower or to go to Rome and not seeing the Pope? Traveler prefers to rely on the experience and emotion. He would prefer to jump with a parachute, instead of taking pictures with hundreds other people of the tower in Pisa for example.

Tourists will surely buy all those colorful little souvenirs, often made in China, to keep the memory of the place where he was. The traveler will collect memories, will write diary, take hundreds of pictures and will write a plan for the next destination.

The traveler goes on the road usually with two pairs of clothes, towel, toothbrush and camera. While tourists are caring hundred pairs of items just to make sure they will not feel awkward or not at home.

Tourists follow all signs and guides, while the traveler prefers to ask for advice the local people. And even to hitch a ride. Just for the fun and to meet new people.

The traveler decides, packs his bags and leave. Sometimes within minutes. The Tourist is planning a trip weeks ahead, notifies friends and family, reads about the destination and plans every step.

Tourists prefer to travel with company while the traveler wants to be alone, to feel free and to have the chance to become part of the new companie

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