Dinevi Resort, St Vlas is starting fencing lessons for children and adults

DINEVI Resort, St Vlas and the Fencing Academy “Vasil Etropolski” are starting joint project for fencing lessons for children and adults as part of the animation program for resort’s guests in this Summer season.

Why fencing? Fencing is at the same time sports and art which combines uniquely physique, intellect and emotion! The Retro-romantic wave in Europe leaded to the return of traditional knight virtues and values. Today with it’s aristocrat out view fencing exceeds horse racing and could be competed only with golf. Fencing teaches how to deal with the stress, develops intuition and concentration – vital qualities for everyone. And the most important – this is a fascinating exercise and unforgettable experience.

DINEVI Resort offers perfect atmosphere for teaching and training fencing in club atmosphere or individually. The program starts from 10th June 2011 and includes 3 days instruction, 1 hour a day, in first steps in fencing art with sword – the group is of 15 persons. Teaching will take place in the evenings in amphitheater “Arena” from the best teachers in the Academy. As whole it will cost 45 levas and after completing guests will obtain a diploma. For those willing to keep training there is another course  7 days, 1 hour a day, after which one should reach “First fencing grade”. The program includes also individual and family fencing lessons, yacht fencing, fencing demonstrations, fencing for corporate events and even fencing show. With this unique offer DINEVI Resort invites everybody to join this inexhaustible individual sport.

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