Antique rituals come to life during the Dionysian feasts in Mezdra

The ancient rituals dedicated to the god of the wine Dionysus wine will come to life in Mezdra on February 13th. Then start the traditional Dionysian holidays at the Kaleto archaeological complex in the city. The ancient traditions will be recreated by actors from the Youth Theater in Vratsa. In the program will also take part students from the Aleko Konstantinov Professional High School.

Dionysian feasts Mezdra

Dionysus is an ancient Greek god of dying and reviving nature, wine and joy. God is worshipped in Antiquity in Thrace under the name of Zagreus, in Phrygia, he was known as Sabazius and in Ancient Rome as Bacchus. For Thracians, this is the most revered god of fertility and agriculture, but also of music and dramatic poetry.

The cult of the god of wine and the mysteries associated with it has survived the end of the pagan period and is still manifesting in the folk celebrations of the Balkans related to wine culture. Instead of wreaths of ivy worshipping the Christian Sts. Trifon participants in the celebrations wear wreaths of vine twigs. Just as in antiquity, the group leader or the king of wine is elected.

Dionysian feasts Mezdra
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