20% discount for holiday in Starossel

With 20% cheaper may be your vacation in January if you choose to spend it in the spa and wine complex “Starosel”. The promotion is valid until the end of the month for overnights from Sunday to Thursday. “Starosel” is situated only two hours away from Sofia, under the slopes of  Sredna gora mountain.


The spa will offer countless pleasures. The architecture of the indoor pool will make you feel like you traveled in the past. If you choose to have a wine tasting, you will be charmed by the hall where they occur – it resembles a temple dedicated to the god of wine Dionysus. Tastings, depending on how many types of wine and brandy you want to try, start from 7 leva per person or approximately 3,5 euro.


You can have a great time with the local wine also in the spa if you choose one of the various wine therapies. All the dishes in the restaurant of the complex are prepared from organic products, so they are both very tasty and healthy. An accent in the menu is the Bulgarian cuisine.

Just a few kilometers from the hotel you can explore an ancient Thracian temple. Chetinyova mound will enchant you with the circle outlines of its walls symbolizing the sun and with the site for ritual dances. In it, the Thracians worshiped the great goddess – mother Earth, her son – the Sun and Orpheus.

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