Discounts for holidays up to 50% at the new Travel Expo in Sofia

Up to 50 per cent discounts on holiday and tourist services will be offered by exhibitors at the new Travel Expo. It will be held for the first time in Sofia on 29th and 30th November 2019. The forum will be held at the National Palace of Culture and will be directed only to end-clients. Organizers of the event are Radomir Rusev, Anton Penev and Dimo ​​Zhelev from Travel Academy.

In order to participate in the event, tour operators, agencies and hotels will have to ensure that they offer at least one exclusive offer to consumers, which will be sold only during the fair. This does not always mean price discounts because special packages can also include additional services or extras. This will be the main criteria for the participants, Rusev explained. And he stressed that not every company that wants to sell its products during the tourist fair will be able to do this.

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The aim is to be useful both to the business and the consumers, Penev said. The choice of venue and period is not accidental, he added. In late November, top-of-the-line feasts can be offered for Christmas and New Year holidays as well as bargain offers for early ski registrations and the subsequent summer season, he explained.


It will be extra for the participants that they will not have to invest in building stands because they will be pre-installed. Moreover, all workplaces will be the same as tourist companies will compete with each other for the attention of their customers only through their products, Penev explained. Naturally, as part of their identity on the stands, the logo of the companies will be depicted. In addition to tour operators and hotels, all those who offer travel-related services such as suitcases, for example, will be in the forum.


On 14 September, another idea of ​​Travel Academy – the first Hotel Night in Sofia – will be realized for the first time. Then all guests or residents of the capital will be able to enjoy one night at preferential prices with a discount of about 60-70 per cent in selected hotels that support the idea. Hotels will be divided into three price categories. Thus the three-star hotels will be sold at a price of about 40 leva (approximately 20 Euro) for two with breakfast included. The overnight stay for two will cost up to 50 leva (approximately 25 Euro), and the five-day stay up to 70 leva (approximately 35 Euro).

There are also a number of free accompanying tourist events and discounts for attractions, as the event will be realized in partnership with Sofia Municipality on the eve of Sofia’s holiday – 17th of September. Negotiations for free entry to a number of family-friendly attractions such as the zoo are underway.

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