In Dobarsko they recreate the custom of Voditsi

The custom of Voditsi has been established for centuries at Epiphany in the village of Dobarsko, Razlog municipality. In addition to the tradition of throwing of the cross in the icy water of the river for health, it also included the sanctification of all houses in the village with holy water from the local priest.

dobursko voditsi

The custom is related to the power of the water to remember, which the Japanese Masaru Emoto proved years ago. Old Bulgarians, however, believed and knew about this power thousands of years ago. They believed that the river of life flowed on the border between the earthly and the beyond. And everyone was purified in its waters on the path to eternal life.

dobursko voditsi

In addition to the traditional throwing of the cross in Dobarsko, there are also folk celebrations for the holiday. The audience will have fun with the performances of the Shturo Make Orchestra and the songs of Irina Paskaleva. Hammocks, including the well-known Dobarski grandmothers, will take part in the program. Among the most famous sights of the village is the church “St. St. Theodor Tiron and Theodor Stralittal “, which was famous for the image of Christ in a space rocket.

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