Eleventh International Workers’ Sports Festival

Eleventh International Workers’ Sports Festival

In early summer, between June 4 and June 8, 2014 for another year the city of Varna will host one of the largest international sporting events, which expands and develops amateur sport among the active working population – the International Workers’ Sports Festival.

Organizers of the festival are the Bulgarian Workers’ Federation “Sport and Health” and the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (KNSB). The event is supported by the International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Bulgaria.

For another consecutive year teams from more than 20 countries from America, Asia, Africa and Europe will take part in the International Workers’ Festival.

This eleven-years-old tradition is a powerful catalyst for sports success stories, strong friendships and positive emotions between different nations. The event contributes to the promotion of the idea for active lifelong learning and maintaining a healthy life.

The sports disciplines, within the International Works Festival, currently open for applications for participation, are: 1. Mini football on grass – men and women 2 . Beach Volleyball – men and women 3 . Volleyball – men and women 4 . Bowling – mixed teams 5 . Tennis – men and women 6 . Table tennis – men and women 7 . Chess (speed chess) – men and women 8 . Bridge – men and women 9. Basketball (streetball) – men and women 10 . Darts – men and women 11 . Badminton – men and women 12. Swimming – men and women 13. Tug of war – men and women 14. Petanque – men, women and mixed teams 15 . Beach wrestling – individual and team There are no limitations for the number of participants in the individual competitions in the different categories for men and women. For the team rankings are taken the points from the individual competitions of three players from each team. 16. Kettlebell (pudovka) Lifting – men (individual) In competitions are allowed to participate players, over 18 years old and without age limit, who have not been filed and are not playing in groups A and B, as well as high school students and regular university students. The application form is available for download from the website of the Bulgarian Workers’ Federation “Sport and Health”.

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