Ensemble Bulgare with a spectacle for the fertility feast in Kyustendil

On 29th and 30th September in Kyustendil will be held the most colourful autumn feast of the fertility. Traditionally, the colours of local fruits and vegetables will shine on the square in the city as if they came out of a painting by the artist Vladimir Dimitrov – the Master. The exhibition of artisans and agricultural producers will be opened on September 29 at 11 am.

feast fertility kyustendil

At the same time, open-air training sessions are planned in the sports halls of the city, and workshops will open for the youngest. At 11.30 am begins the carnival of fertility with the participation of children from kindergartens. The official opening of the holiday is at 12 o’clock. Then you will be able to see and taste different varieties of apples, see the participants in the fertility contest and demonstrations of culinary experts.

feast fertility kyustendil

The results of the competition will be announced at 4 pm and at 08:30 pm the residents and the guests of Kyustendil will witness the spectacle “Eighth Miracle” performed by Ensemble “Bulgare”. On 30 September, the exhibition of farmers and craftsmen and sports training will continue. There are games and competitions with the main characters of fruits and vegetables.

feast fertility kyustendil
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