Celebrate Enyovden in a Bulgarian national costume of Avren meadow

You can celebrate the day of the herbs Enyovden dressed in a Bulgarian national costume on Avren meadow near Beloslav. The start of the event is at 10.30 am on June 23, and the entrance is free. The only mandatory condition for the attendees will be the clothes. Small and large enthusiasts must be dressed in authentic or stage traditional Bulgarian folk costumes. Or at least in their clothing, there must be an element of Bulgarian traditional clothes.


You will be able to rent the costume on site but upon prior request. The rent is BGN 10 (around 5 Euro) for the two days of the event. A competition for the most beautiful authentic folk costume will also be held during the event. At sunset, you will be able to enjoy the magical dance of fire-dancers. You will also be able to watch a film about the city’s embroidery festival.

Festival Bulgarian embroidery Beloslav

The guests at the festival will be able to watch the custom of “Enyovden”. The ladies will be able to engage in the picking of flowers and herbs and making wreaths of them. And the bravest and hardy girls who are waiting for the sunrise on June 24th will have the opportunity to engage in the rituals of “ritual washing” and “picking herbs.” There is also a music program, of course with folk music, as well as an exhibition of photographs from Beloslav’s past.

wild flowers festival

The area is suitable for picnics, so if you wish, you can take your own food or take advantage of the grills, which will make fresh meat on old g the holiday. Since the event will take place within two days, there is also a place for a camp.

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