Ethnomusic, games and full moon eclipse for the Bilberry Festival near Ambaritsa hut

If you want to observe the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century in Bulgaria from the Troyan Balkan, enjoy ethnic and classical music, try a home-made blueberry jam and have fun with table games and mountain walks, do not miss to visit the Festival of blueberries near Ambaritsa hut. It will be held on 27th and 28th of July and the entrance is free. Wear your sleeping bag and tent, as the hut will not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to join the adventure.

blueberry festival begins

On Facebook, you can also find shared travel groups so your way to the hut is lighter and fun. In the hut, you will be able to try different board games, and the rules will be explained by Lily, which will help you find the right entertainment for you. In both days you can join the clay, bread, wood or blueberry body art workshops, or just relax with a book in the library of the hut.

At 6 pm, a Balkan horo on Momina Mogila will begin and the dancers’ footsteps will be determined by live music. At 8 pm you can feel the magic of European folklore presented by Duo Xana. The program follows with the guests from Buenos Aires, Argentina – Les manijes and DJ The Sideshifter.

The beginning of the complete lunar eclipse is at 10.30 pm and it is the longest for the century observed in Bulgaria. The moon will be completely hidden for 1.43 hours, and the phenomenon itself from start to finish will last for 3 hours and 55 minutes. Just at midnight, the organizers of the fest provided a jam session with acoustic performances.

On the 28th, you will be able to get acquainted with various initiatives such as shared management of a rural property or renting a house without paying rent, as well as ideas on how to keep the mountain clean. At 1 pm an attractive wood splitting competition will begin. At 4 pm there is an acro yoga lesson with Yavor.

At 04.30 pm you can take your first steps on salsa and bachata. At 06.30 pm you will hear the performances of Bordeaux dance group from Troyan. At 7 pm a horo will be rolled again. The magic of classical music in the mountains will show with their violins the Zayranovi brothers at 08.30 pm. At 09.30 pm begins the performance of the Kalabalak Theatrical Group, and then you can enjoy the Tarálezkov band. At midnight, acoustic music will be played under the stars. On 28th the festival will be closed with music and homemade breakfast.

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