An exhibition presents the woman’s life a century ago

By 10 April in Sofia, you can see an exhibition that presents the daily life of women a century ago. At the National Polytechnic Museum in Sofia opened the exhibition “Technique at Home in the First Half of the 20th Century” was presented. If you visit the exhibition, you will be able to follow the modernization of the Bulgarian lifestyle from the Liberation to the middle of the last century. This is the period in which kitchen innovations enter the Bulgarian household.

What were the modern subjects then, the envy of the neighbors and the first electrified appliances you can learn in the capital.


The exhibition “peeps” in the weekly history of the people and shows not only how the good household was organized, but also how the men and women of that time maintained a good appearance and spent their free time. As an illustrative material, authentic advertisements and entertaining texts from the then press were selected.

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