Exhibition of butterflies starts in Plovdiv

Lovers of butterflies can enjoy an exhibition of the largest copies worldwide in Plovdiv. The exhibition, which will be a constant opened at 11:00 on the 6th of March. You can see the colorful wings in the Regional Natural Museum in Plovdiv. New signings of beetles and butterflies are gathered in the collection “The largest insect in the world.”

Exhibition butterflies Plovdiv

The exhibits there are over 130 and inhabit different parts of the earth. In the museum, you can see also a collection of minerals and a digital planetarium. In the botany department are shown herbarium and photographs of plants and fungi. In the Plovdiv Museum is the largest collection in Europe of exotic mollusks such as mussels, snails, corals and sponges.

If you are fascinated by the aquatic life you will be happy to see 26 freshwater aquaria inhabited by about 150 species of tropical fish and 21 species of local fish, primarily from Maritsa River. In the museum, you can learn more about amphibians, mammals, and birds. In the planetarium at the museum you can watch show programs’ – ‘Violent Universe”,’From Earth to the Universe’,’IBEX, in search of the end of the Solar System’,’Darkness into space’, ‘ ‘Two small pieces of glass’ and ‘Distant worlds and alien life. ‘

Exhibition butterflies Plovdiv
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