An exhibition of folk costumes and jewelery starts in Sofia

An exhibition of Bulgarian folk costumes and jewelery starts at the National Ethnographic Museum in Sofia on the 19th of May at 6 p.m. The event will continue until the end of October. Everyone who is tempted by the magic of the Bulgarian folklore will be able to look over 23,000 objects from the Bulgarian lifestyle and costumes, as well as over 600 jewelery. The exhibition is by curator Veska Borisova.

Bulgarian folk costumes

The different elements and patterns of costumes in the past have clearly read the social status, age and family status of the wearer. Naturally, each master has also put her personal footprint in the variety of clothes and embroidery. The jewels added the costumes and provided additional information about the owner.

Bulgarian folk costumes

If you visit the exhibition you can touch the exquisite ornamentation of the pendants from Vidin, the brilliant collectors and the granulated needles for hair of the brides from Gabrovo and Turnovo, to enjoy the metal wreath “Stefan” from Provadiya and the cast necklaces with enamel and colored stones, as well as the dear, silver-decorated and gold-plated belt buckles. It was believed that the belt buckles had magical power and turned away bad eyes and evil spirits. They are also a Christian amulet. And  were worn only by married women.

Bulgarian folk costumes
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