Exhibition of poison snakes starts in Blagoevgrad

From March 16th to April 16th, reptiles lovers in Blagoevgrad will be able to get acquainted with some of the most poisonous snakes on the planet. At a specialized exhibition at the Regional History Museum, you will be able to see the world’s oldest snake – a black mamba, and its poison is second strongest in the world after that of the Royal Cobra. The reptile owes its name to the black colour of its mouth, otherwise, its body colour varies from matte green to gray.


You can also look at poisonous taipans, cormorants, rattlesnakes, green mamba, as well as anacondas, pythons, and the smokes. In addition, crocodiles, iguanas, spiders, and scorpions will be shown in Blagoevgrad.


The entrance to the exhibition is 3 leva /approximately 1,5 Euro/. Students and pensioners will pay 2 leva /approximately 1 Euro /, and children from 3 to 7 years old – 1 leva /approximately 0,5 Euro /. In addition, any visitor may wish can take a picture with an irrevocable representative of the snake world. For this purpose, he has to pay 3 or 4 leva /approximately 1,5 Euro – 2 Euro /, depending on whether the photos are made with his own camera or with the exhibitors.

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