Meet with 10 stars in the extreme sports in Bansko

If you are dreaming about the experience of 10 of the best mountaineers, travelers, sailors, climbers, runners and all the stars of extreme sports, visit Bansko by November 26th. Until then, in the mountain resort for the 17th time will be held BanskoFilmFest – film festival for extreme sports, mountains, and adventures. Visitors will be able to get acquainted with Sara Otan from the UK. She is the first woman to make a round trip only with the strength of her muscles by rowing, cycling, running and walking.

bansko film fest

The audience will also meet Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner of Austria, the first woman in the world to climb all 14 eight-thousandths of the planet without the use of oxygen. Malgorzata Wojtaczka from Poland will tell about her adventures as a caveman, sailor, polar traveler. She is the first Polish woman and the 6 women in the world have reached the South Pole alone. Frenchman Antoine Girard will explain how he becomes a world altitude flight recorder with a paraglider. He is flying over the Brooke Peak with a height of 8047 meters at the Karakorum.

bansko film fest

Interesting stories also come from Eric McNair-Landry from Canada. He holds the world record for 24 hours of ski and kite skiing. He is also a dogfish leader, twice in the South Pole, crossing the Gobi Desert and Greenland. Peter Habeler of Austria is a partner of Reinhold Messner, who makes Everest’s first oxygen-free wait. In Bansko, you can also meet with one of the best climbers on the big walls, Matteo Della Bordella from Italy.

bansko film fest

You can also see the Polish Pyotr Herzog, one of the best mountain runners in the world, the creator of one of the largest marathon trains in Morocco, Laila Wachi, and the first Moroccan climbed Everest Nacer Ibn Abdeljalil. You will also hear stories about the discovery of the deepest cave in Bulgaria. 110 films from 25 countries will participate in the competition program of the film festival, all of them being prime for our country. More than 15 presentations and workshops will be exported, and more than 350 children will uncover the world of extreme in the specialized program for the youngest. Traditionally, there will also be a lot of parties, so do not delay, but tighten the suitcases for Bansko.

bansko film fest
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