The eyes of God have been watching us for 68 million years from Prohodna Cave

Prohodna Cave or as it is better known – The Eyes of God is over 68 million years old. And it seems that each of these years has left its mark to turn the impressive rock room into one of the most beloved and famous Bulgarian caves. The main reason for its popularity, however, is not the impressive period that separates us from its creation, but the two rock openings in the shape of human eyes on its ceiling – the eyes of God, whence the popular name of the place. In addition to making tourists revere the natural phenomenon, they illuminate the 365-meter-long rock tunnel.

In fact, the dark forces have also tried to leave their mark on the wall, but there is much less talk about it. You can see the image of a demon with a little more imagination in one of the rocks. Over the years, the cave has “participated” in a number of Bulgarian films as an unnamed hero.  It is believed that in ancient times Prohodna was an important religious site. During the vernal equinox, fertility rituals were performed in it.

ProhodnaWhenever you visit it, you will almost certainly see climbers on one of the walls of the cave, as the cave is also a favourite place to practice rock sports. In addition, the phenomenon of 68 million years is one of the few caves in which you can raise the adrenaline with bungee jumping. As experts say the place is very suitable for beginners who like jumping into the abyss.

ProhodnaThe cave is extremely easily accessible and is located about 120 km from Sofia and 2 km from the village of Karlukovo. You can reach it on an eco-trail from the town of Lukovit or stop your car a few hundred meters from its entrance.

And while you are in the area you can visit one of the most pleasant eco-trails in Bulgaria – Zlatna Panega. Its route runs along the river of the same name, and you can cross from bank to bank, thanks to wooden bridges, walk over its waters on a specially built path or relax in one of the designated areas for picnics and recreation, where there are houses with sheds and barbecue areas. You can also take your pets with you or rent a water bike and enjoy the slow flow of the river itself, but you must keep in mind that in this case you will inevitably get wet. The trail offers different views and colours in each season, and its autumn attire is irresistible.

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