The fair in Koprivshtitsa is enlisted in UNESCO

The fair in Koprivshtitsa is enlisted in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO. The recognition comes 50 years after the first overplaying and singing competitions. Koprivshtitsa folklore event is held since 1965 and presents authentic folk songs, dances and customs. The festival not engage professional performers, but amateurs guardians of the Bulgarian traditions. In the fair usually participate between 10 000 and 20 000 Bulgarians from the country and abroad.

fair Koprivshtitsa UNESCO list

The extraordinary diversity of Bulgarian folklore heritage is presented on a regional basis. Besides singers, musicians and dancers in the festival participate craftsmen, narrators of folk tales and groups that recreate folk customs. The festival is held once in five years.

fair Koprivshtitsa UNESCO list

The list the world cultural heritage of UNESCO includes also the Bistritsa Babi /The grannies from Bistritsa/, the fire-dancing, the custom Surva and the Chiprovtzi carpets.

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