Favourite children’s heroes of sand welcome us to Burgas

For another year, guests and residents of Burgas will be able to enjoy sandy masterpieces during the specialized festival, which takes place in the sea town from July to October. The official opening is on July 5 at 6 pm. Then you will also be able to see the unique figures, which are inspired by this year’s favourite children’s heroes.

burgas sand festival

The girls from the Estrela Dance School, led by Olga Dimitrova will take care of the audience. This year the figures were made by 19 Bulgarian artists. In the exposition, you will be able to see the sculptured transformers, Aladdin with the magic lamp, Pinocchio, Lilo and Stitch, as well as classic Walt Disney characters. The Sand Sculpture Festival will work without a break until October. The opening hours are from 8 am to 10 pm.

burgas sand festival

The regular ticket is in the pocket of every tourist because it costs 3.50 leva (One Euro is approximately 2 BG Levs). There are also a number of discounts. Children under 7 years of age and people with disabilities can enjoy sandy art without any problems. Adolescents who are aged 7 to 18 pay an entrance fee of BGN 1.50. So do pensioners.

burgas sand festival

For a group of over 10 people, the entrance fee is 2.50 leva per person. There are also family discounts. Two adults and a child over 7 years old pay 7 leva. For two children and two adults, the sum is BGN 8.50 and a family with three children counts for a total entrance fee of 10 BGN.

The photos are from the old editions of the festival.

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