Toni Dimitrova, Vassil Naydenov and motorcycle stunts for the feast of Nessebar

This year Nessebar will present to the town’s feast – Assumption of Virgin Mary to its residents and guests a rich concert and attraction program. The celebrations start on August 14 with the presentation of books, exhibitions, and an evening worship service in the temple “St. Assumption”. At 9 pm, the amphitheatre of Nessebar will start a festive concert with the singer Toni Dimitrova.


On August 15 in the old city, the cars will be limited. Early in the morning at 08.30 am will start the registration of the participants, who want to score strength at the swimming marathon “Nessebar”. The start of the race is 10 am. At 9 am, a solemn world liturgy will be celebrated for the holiday, again in the temple that bears the name of the holiday day.

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At 11 am in front of the fortress walls of Nessebar, the national flag will be raised ritually. At 11.30 am the winners of the swimming marathon will be awarded and at 6 pm the beginning of the children’s holiday in the southern park, which will include representatives of the Balkan Circus. At 8 pm the concert of the group Jeremy will begin at “Juliet Shishmanova” Square.


Ensemble “Bulgare” will present a spectacle called “The Spirit of Bulgaria” in front of the fortress walls of Nessebar, and the beginning is at 08.30 pm. Half an hour later, you will have the opportunity to hear the three Bulgarian tenors and the concert of the Bulgarian musical legend Vasil Naydenov will start from 10 pm. At 11.45 pm you will be able to enjoy a cascade with motors from representatives of the Balkan Circus and after that, there is a light-music show, which will make the ancient Nessebar live before your eyes in a very exciting way.

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