A festival of the Balkan music and cuisine starts in Plovdiv

Between 18th and 21st of May in Plovdiv will be held the Culinary Festival of tastes and rhythms Tabiet. At the Plovdiv Fair you can taste typical dishes from Bulgaria and the Balkans, enjoy folklore performances and contemporary performers. Visitors will be able to see also show cooking of the most famous Bulgarian chefs and to “steal the craft”.

balkan festival plovdiv

Visitors can also participate in interactive games with drinks and fast eating for example.  The organizers have also prepared many surprises. In the culinary area, connoisseurs will be able to get acquainted with authentic dishes from all over the region, see how to prepare typical food and learn the sophistication of their arrangement and presentation.

balkan festival plovdiv

The accompanying music program with concerts and plays will also not disappoint you. During the exhibition, there is also a craft zone, where traditional livelihoods will be presented. As well as a sports accessory area. A popular ball tournament will take place during the festival.

balkan festival plovdiv
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I love to travel because of the encounters with diverse people and cultures and the chance to touch other worlds. And this can happen even without leaving the borders of your own country. For example, at a festival, you can travel thousands of years and dozens of borders without leaving your place. For me, the journey is not only beautiful landscapes and ancient landmarks but also thousands of human stories. Let's learn them together.