The first festival of the Bulgarian filz (plusti) starts in the village of Trud

On the 22nd of July in the village of Trud near Plovdiv will be held the first Festival of the Bulgarian filz (plusti). „Plustеne“ or making colourful paintings, clothes, and shoes from wool are among the most ancient crafts. Each of the products made by spraying the wool is unique. The focus of the festival day will be the authentic way of making plusti and the modern interpretations of the traditional Bulgarian craft.

If you want to see these people’s masterpieces or buy them, you should go in front of the Town Hall and the community centre of Trud, where artworks will be exhibited. The program includes demonstrations from children, wool dyeing, making of home-made soap, sculpting and showing the intricacies of crawling by craftsmen.

You can also participate in the workshops for making flowers and hearts of wool, as well as in what is poetically called “In the country of the fairies”. There will also be presented the book of Jovka Hristova “Wave Stories”. Music and dancing are included in the fest.

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I love to travel because of the encounters with diverse people and cultures and the chance to touch other worlds. And this can happen even without leaving the borders of your own country. For example, at a festival, you can travel thousands of years and dozens of borders without leaving your place. For me, the journey is not only beautiful landscapes and ancient landmarks but also thousands of human stories. Let's learn them together.