Starts the Festival of Chiprovtsi carpets

On April 29, the traditional festival of Chiprovtsi carpets will take place in Chiprovtsi. The colorful hand-woven works have become a symbol of the city. How exactly the masterpieces are made with two completely identical faces you can learn at 11:30 a.m.  at Chiprovtsi Resurrection Square. Half an hour before that is the official opening of the event. At 12 o’clock will open the center for the sale of carpets and souvenirs in the patterns of the Chiprovtsi carpets.

chiprovtsi carpets

Among the most original ones are watches whose dial is a motif of Chiprovtsi carpet. In addition, other local crafts will be presented during the bazaar. You will also be able to see the open-air exhibition of traditional wool and cotton carpets. Of course, a festival can not go without music, so the organizers have planned a rich program with the participation of folk groups and ensembles and the singer Rumyana Popova.

chiprovtsi carpets

The holiday will end with impressive fireworks that will burst at exactly 10:00 p.m. The coupon will continue from 6 p.m. the next day with a music program. Chiprovtsi carpets are famous all over the world for the deftly woven geometric figures of humans, animals, and birds in red, black, yellow, blue, brown and green. Initially, the carpets were only red-black, but later the color palette they made was enriched. On some of the carpets, ladies centuries ago wore their year of production. Chiprovtsi carpets are also recognized by UNESCO as part of the world cultural heritage.

chiprovtsi carpets
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