In Kazanlak starts the festival „Chudomir’s holidays“

From March 25 to April 1 will be held the festival „Chudomir’s holidays“ in Kazanlak. The event is always held the last week of March as on of 25th was born the famous Bulgarian writer and cartoonist Dimitar Chorbadzhiyski – Chudomir. In 2017 on this day we celebrate 127 years of his birth. 33 cultural events will be presented to local audiences during the festival. Residents and guests of Kazanlak will be able to enjoy four exhibitions, two children’s performances, five concerts, premieres of six books, four workshops, and five contest.

chudomir's holiday

There will be also held the poetic competition “Magic Love”. It is also provided a drawing competition “Young Bulgarians” for children and humorous work “Prismehulnii” and the theater festival “Comedy hit of the season.” This year it will include seven performances – 6 of metropolitan theaters and one local – “Lubomir Kabakchiev.” Among the participants will be Marius Kurkinski with his monodrama “The black chicken” by Nikolay Haytov.

chudomir's holiday

Milica Gladnishka, Alexandra Sarchadzhieva, Kamen Vodenitcharov and Dimitar Zhivkov will present the premiere of the show “Sex for the first time” of the theater “Sulza I smyah“ / Tears and Laughter/. In the race for the prize in the competition will compete for more productions of Laboratory “Sfumato”р theater “Absurd” and Satirical Theatre. Theatrical performances, шге music Rokoperata with Quinn’s music and the concert of “Cosmic Voices” of Vanya Moneva will be held in the auditorium of “Iskra”. The price of tickets will be between 15 and 20 leva or approximately 8 -10 euro. Tickets will be sold in the Info center on the street “Iskra” 4. All other events during the holidays are free.

chudomir's holiday
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