Culinary festival begins in Koprivshtitsa

On November 30th in Koprivshtitsa you will be able to taste a unique wine appetizer, typical for the region – Shopska spruzhka. Then, a local culinary festival will be held in the Renaissance city, organized by the National Trust for the Preservation of Cultural and Historical Heritage Bulgaria. Meal cooked in a huge pan will be broken last year’s record for the world’s largest Shopska spruzhka. In 2018, 1150 kg of the appetizer were made simultaneously.

Koprivshtitsa festival

The stew is made from pork kidney, intestines, lungs and liver, along with meat. All this is cut into retail and boiled with onion and hot peppers. It closes in jars and so the appetizer for winter is ready. Together with the special dried sausages. The event will be held at the Museum of Bread and Traditional Food.

Koprivshtitsa festival

In addition to tasting delicious appetizers, you can also bring your own home. You can try at least four types of sausages each year – beef, leek, hot peppers and traditional. Kids can also learn how to make bread.

Koprivshtitsa festival
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