Starts a festival in Pryaporets with Bulgarian music and dishes

On the 16th of September in the village of Pryaporets near Stara Zagora will be held the 7th National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore and Bulgarian Traditional Dishes. The beginning is at 10 a.m. in the Mechi Kladenets area near the village. If you decide to become a part of the gathering, you will be able to observe throughout the day how different traditional Bulgarian dishes are prepared.

pryaporets festival

A contest for the best-prepared dish, typical for a given region of Bulgaria, is held during the fair. Participants in the competition must prepare at least two dishes typical of their birth place. There is no age limit for the contestants. The audience will also be able to “steal” some of the recipes from the on-site cook.

pryaporets festival

The purpose of the festival is to search, enrich, popularize and preserve the Bulgarian folklore and the traditional Bulgarian dishes. Throughout the day there are many Bulgarian folk songs and dances in the program. Singers and individual performers can participate in the festival, and it is recommended that one of their songs be connected with the meals and the table. The competition also includes dance groups and groups for folklore customs.


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