Starts the Festival of yogurt in Momchilovtsi

The guests of the festival of yogurt can taste the yogurt and cheese of local manufacturers that have directed their efforts at preserving traditional production methods. The event will take place on 3rd and 4th of September in Momchilovtsi.

Festival yogurt Momchilovtsi

The best producers will be awarded with special prizes during the festival. The guests of the event will learn different recipes for making delicious yogurt. If you visit the fest be sure to try the local dishes – klin, patatnik and cheverme. Or at least to learn the secrets of the local craftsmen.

Festival yogurt Momchilovtsi

From the Festival in Momchilovtsi you can get also local healing herbs, homemade jams and honey from the Rhodopes mountain. Or just stay forever infected with the magic of the Bulgarian Rhodope folk music and dance.

Festival yogurt Momchilovtsi
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