Filek games are typical for Palm in Strandza

During Easter Lent music, people and delay were forbidden according to Christian tradition, as it is believed that the Lord does not look kindly on them because then mourns the loss of his son Jesus Christ. Young people in Strandza, however, found a way to circumvent this prohibition. They gathered on the lawns near the villages and rarely on the square to play various games. They allow them to have fun and at the same time to look for their partner through the life.

filek strandza malko tarnovo

Thus was born the typical Strandja games – Filek. For several years, on Palm Sunday, which this year falls on April 9, you can immerse yourself in the reconstituted custom in the square in the town of Malko Tarnovo. On the holiday besides the traditional games, you dance on the main square in the town the typical Bulgarian dance – horo.

filek strandza malko tarnovo

Among the games, Filek in Strandza is the making of a human tunnel. In the game are participating girls and lads who caught themselves like couples in two hands or towels and form a column-like tunnel. Every couple has to go through the tunnel and then the last people become the first. The young were playing also games with jumping and competed in tug of war. During one of the games the main part was the chase between boys and girls.

filek strandza malko tarnovo
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