Fire-dancers and bagpipes for the festival The Magic of Rila

For a consecutive year from June 30 to July 2, you can experience the magic of Rila in the same name festival in the mountain resort of Borovets. The place is the old center of the resort. On the first day of the event, you can see the works of artisans in the complex. After 12 o’ clock will begin a concert with different singers and bands begin. The symbolic beginning of the feast will be given by the shot of a cherry cannon.

magic rila festival

In the evening you can listen to the sound of the bagpipes around a great fire. And to stay captivated by the songs of Svetla Dukateva and the Orphic Orchestra. The evening continues with the magic of the fire-dancing and folk mirth.

A competition for authentic Bulgarian and Balkan folklore dances will take place on July 1st.

magic rila festival

At lunchtime, you can taste aromatic bap with Balkan oil and aromatic herbs at the resort’s gourmet bars, promised the organizers of the Rila Magic. At noon, different house wifes will make a traditional bread pie, and a jury will appreciate their masterpiece and declare the best in cooking. The children will be able to measure their strength in quiz games.


magic rila festival

Throughout the day, bagpipe lessons for beginners and advanced are also planned. The evening will end with the performances of Pepi Hristozova, Svetla Dukateva, and Gergyovden Orchestra. On 2nd of July, you can taste a delicious traditional soup and enjoy a program with the participation of the folk orchestra. There will also be a competition for an authentic folk costume. Early in the morning, you can climb a company to the hut or Musala peak, according to your physical training.

magic rila festival
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