Fire-dancers celebrate with a unique ritual St Elijah

If you want to enjoy an authentic fire-dancing ritual in Strandzha, celebrate the day of the prophet Elijah in the mystical mountain. St Elijah is among Christian saints who are honored in the region with a unique barefoot walking on fire. The feast of St. Elijah is on July 20th. Then in the Strandzha village of Stoilovo, there will be a festive celebration of the fiery saint, as he is known in Strandja.


The local population believes that St. Elijah moves in the sky with a chariot of fire from which flames and thunder come out. So the Christian prophet in Strandja brings elements of the ancient cult of the sun. Preparations for the holiday in Stoilovo will start at 10 a.m. with a procession with the icons from the church of St. Elijah to the holy spring of the chapel where they will be reminiscent. At 4 p.m. a big fire will be lit, at 06.30 p.m. a sacrificial rite will be given, and at 10 p.m. start the fire-dancing games themselves.

mishkova niva

But that’s not all. We would advise you to stay in the region on July 21st, because from 7 p.m. will be held a Thracian ritual to the Sun God, revered as St. Elijah and the Goddess of God, as the local people worship Marina. The place of the ritual is also not accidental – Mishkova niva known as the Bulgarian Stonehenge. To participate in the event you have to pay 10 leva or approximately 5 euro and the registration is at 6 p.m. in front of the Tourist Center in Malko Tarnovo. The journey to the mystical Mishkova niva is done by your private cars.

mishkova niva
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