Fish festival begins in Kranevo

Today in Kranevo has began the first Festival of the sprat. The main goal of the festival is in the next three days until 12 of June  the village near Albena to become a touristic attraction. 1 tone of sprat and other fish, mussels and seafood will be offered to all the guests of Kranevo. fish festival kranevo There are expected more that 15 000 tourist to visit Kranevo during the days of the festival. A special party bus will travel between Golden sands, Albena, Balchik and Kranevo to bring all who want to visit the festival. The mayor of the village will cook 300 liters of fish soup on Saturday as a part of the competition for better dish with the famous Bulgarian chef and showmen Uti Buchvarov. On Sunday the chef will return the challenge and will cook for the guests of the fest mussels with rice. fish festival kranevo There will be also some funny competitions with prizes for the winners. The participants of the fest can compete who can drink more beer or can eat more fish faster. Or to jump in a swimming pool with alive fish and see who can catch more fish with bare hands. There will be also a program with Bulgarian singing and dancing stars during the days and nights of the festival. fish festival kranevo Booking hotels in Kranevo

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