A Culinary show for the Fish Festival in Tsarevo

For a sixth consecutive year in the early September in Tsarevo, Bulgaria will
be held a Fish Festival. Its guests will have the chance to taste the specialties of top Bulgarian chef Uti Bachvarov – mussels with rice. They would be prepared in a pan made from a train locomotive. The beginning of the event is at 12:00 a.m. on 4th of September.

Fish Festival Tsarevo

The residents and the guests of Tsarevo will enjoy a fish soup made from 6 different culinary team. They will have a tough competition to decide whose recipe for the tasty food is better. Besides a culinary competition will be held also a competitions in sailing and underwater fishing. There will be as well a amateur cycling tour from Tsarevo to Lozenets and back.

Fish Festival Tsarevo

The musical program will not disappoint the visitors. Its stars is undoubtedly the Bulgarian rock group BTR. With Balkan rhythms will rock the stage the winners from the TV show “Bulgaria’s Got Talent” – Orchestra Vivo Montana. The winner of the TV show “X factor” Rafi will sing together with the group Rewind. The host of the event is the actor Vasil Draganov.

Fish Festival Tsarevo
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