Fish and wine for the feast of Burgas

On December 6 ся celebrated St Nicolas Day – the feast of fishermen, bankers and the Day of Burgas. Traditionally, in the seaside town will mark the day with many fish dishes, fish soup and wine. They are distributed free from the Burgas  municipality at four locations in the city. You can taste the dishes if you go the famous meeting points of Burgas – “The clock”, ” The compass”, “The gramophone” and in “Meden Rudnik” ,quarter.

fish and wine feast Burgas

In Seaside Park there will be a winter beach party. Besides rescue post, fishing boat, ship, sand castle, umbrellas, deckchairs, surf school and dolphins there you can enjoy also songs, dances and games from 8.30 a.m. to 02.30 p.m.

Everyone who is celebrating the name Nicola would be invited to make a family photo with the mayor of Burgas at 1 p.m. in front of the municipality.

fish and wine feast Burgas

The traditional procession will end with throwing wreaths into the sea in the name of all sailors that died in it. Throughout the day, in the city center will perform street artists. An artist of the year will be selected at the opening of the exhibition of the Burgas’ Artists.

fish and wine feast Burgas

Throughout the day in Burgas will be held many different concerts. Undoubtedly the stars of the festival, however are Vasil Naidenov, Silvia Katzarova, Toni Dimitrova, Ballet Rouge, Forsyth Crewe, Crewe NyuHoup, PFA Strandzha, Maria Tsvetkova, Evelina Savova. You can enjoy their performances at 06.30 p.m. on the square “Troikata”. Host of the concert is Viktor Kalev.

fish and wine feast Burgas
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