Fly to Baku for 29 euros

From January 16, flights to Baku, Azerbaijan, will be available at a price of 29 euros. The price of low-cost airline Buta Airways, a subsidiary of the Azerbaijani national airline, will begin. Flights will be run twice per week, depending on the price you pay, you will have a different type of luggage included. The cheapest option is to travel with 10kg of hand luggage and another checked baggage of up to 23kg will be paid 25 euros.

buta airways

On special machines and online you will be able to check for free, and if you do it with the help of the airport staff, this will cost you an additional 3 euros. If you want to ride wide, you will have to pay 25 euros for your ticket for a first-row seat or an emergency exit. 3 euros will cost you another optional location so you can travel with your chosen companions nearby.

buta airways

In Baku, you will be able to board another low-cost flight of the same company that is already flying to Sankt Peterburg, Tbilisi, Istanbul, Antalya, Moscow, Kiev, Tehran, and Kazan. Bulgaria will be the first destination of the low-cost company in the European Union. Apart from being able to organize a cheap trip to Azerbaijan, the new flights will also reduce the prices of traditional tour operator packages to an attractive destination.

buta airways
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