Fly cheap from Sofia to Europe in January

Tickets priced at € 5 launched the low-cost airline Ryanair from Sofia to bunch of European cities. But the cheap prices are only valid for certain dates in January 2017. You can fly on January 19 to Athens for less than 10 lev. If you select one of the following two days the price of the flight becomes double or € 10. The return flight can also cost you 10 euros if you choose dates between 23rd and January 31.

fly sofia europe

At a price of 4.99 euros you can fly to Brussels on January 25. However, the return flight will cost 5-6 times more expensive unless you select a date to return around 20th February. € 5 cost the flight to Cologne, Germany, on January 19. If you select destinations such as Milan, Baden Baden, Berlin, Hamburg, Pisa, Rome and Venice  you can fly to these cities for 10 euros in January.

fly sofia europe

The airline announced also cheap flights to destinations such as Madrid, London, Stockholm, Valencia, Glasgow, Barcelona and Liverpool. You can find an one-way ticket to each of those cities in January for under 20 euros. You can get from Sofia to Dublin, Ireland for 32 euros.

fly sofia europe
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