Dances and songs for the first national folk fair near the narrow-gauge

For the first time near Avramovo station on August 12, the national folklore fair “Near the narrow-gauge” will be held. Guests will be able to come with the picturesque train, which allows you to enjoy the mountain panorama in this part of the Rhodope Mountains. At 11.15  am, a presentation and tasting of typical dishes from the region will begin.

folk fair narrow-gauge

The official opening of the meeting is scheduled for 12. 30 pm, and after the speeches, you can hear the performances of Georgi Vardev and the vocal band “Bambini”. Then you can have fun with the songs and dances of folk songs from Pazardjik. At 03.15 pm, the festive concert of Boris Kotsakov will begin.

folk fair narrow-gauge

Apart from other folk performances after the concert, you can also try folk fitness. The meeting will be held until 07.30 pm and the audience can join the fun at any time. In fact, Avramovo Station is not accidentally chosen for the stage of the fair. This is the highest point of the narrow-gauge route that made its first course on December 12, 1937.

folk fair narrow-gauge
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