Folklore festival starts in Popovtsi

If you are a fan of the Bulgarian folk dances, you practice them but you are not a professional, you can join the 5th national festival “Balkandjisko nadigravane”. The beginning is on September 16 at 10 a.m. in the Adventure park “Nezabravka” near the village of Popovtsi, Gabrovo. For the audience the entrance is free.


The program is decided after pre-enrollment at the beginning of the day. The festival does not have a competitive character, but the best dancers receive awards. The enthusiasts can participate in three categories – the performing of horo /typical Bulgarian dance/ from the Northwestern region of the country, choosing a favorite horo and racing in pairs with ruchenitsa /typical Bulgarian dance/ from the Thracian, Dobrudzha, Northwest part of the country.


The clothing presented by the dancers is their choice and there are no age restrictions. In the park that hosts the festival, you can indulge in various adventures such as rope garden, paintball, ATV riding, 3 D cinema, bungee emotions and a bunch of other entertainment.

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I love to travel because of the encounters with diverse people and cultures and the chance to touch other worlds. And this can happen even without leaving the borders of your own country. For example, at a festival, you can travel thousands of years and dozens of borders without leaving your place. For me, the journey is not only beautiful landscapes and ancient landmarks but also thousands of human stories. Let's learn them together.