Sofia Municipality forbids the buses in front of the temple-monument St. Alexander Nevsky

One of the symbols of the Sofia – St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral will again be able to be stamped on a photo without the attraction being blocked by the busses that parked on the square in front. Sofia Municipality prohibits tourist vehicles from stopping in front of the attraction. Instead, they will be able to wait their customers in the parking lot of the old Sofia bus station, which is in close proximity to Sofia’s Central Bus Station.

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At present, buses can park in front of the temple if they pay 20 leva per day /approximately 10 Euro/. Officially, the parking spaces for large vehicles are only 5, but the limit is not being met. The reason for the ban is to facilitate the guests of the capital who want to see one of its symbols. The new pedestrian area will be part of the Golden Sofia project.


The new walking area in the center of Sofia will include, besides St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the Crystal garden, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd and part of the streets Paris and Oborishte. Thus, tourists visiting the capital will be able to explore some of the most popular sights of Sofia without having to circumvent the traffic or parked cars. The attractions include the monument-temple St. Alexander Nevski, the church St. Sofia, the necropolis of ancient Serdika, the buildings of the National Assembly, the Presidency and the Council of Ministers, the monuments of the Unknown Soldier and Vasil Levski, numerous galleries and museums.

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