Forum will attract tourist investors in Sunny Beach

At the end of May investment forum will be organized in the Bulgarian resort Sunny Beach. Its aim is to promote opportunities for investments in tourism. During the event will be presented deals for investors. This was announced by Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova. The Sunny Beach resort is not a casual one because it attracts not only many tourists of different ages and preferences but also a large number of entrepreneurs, Angelkova explained.

The aim of the forum is to stimulate the sustainable development of the sector. Emphasis on the role of investments and activities to promote domestic tourism will be the leading strands in the advertising and marketing policy of the tourism ministery of Bulgaria in 2019 and 2020, said the minister. It was clear that in recent years there has been great interest from foreign investment funds for potential projects in the region.

Regional key investors and representatives of countries with extensive knowledge and experience in attracting such investments into infrastructure and services will be invited to the event. The forum will also be presented with the investment map, which the ministry drew up two years ago to attract investors for municipal projects. Most of them are for ski and spa centres. So far none of them has been realized. No interest was reported by potential depositors.

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