The fountain in Ravadinovo casle fulfils wishes

If you dream strongly about something and really want your wish to come true, visit the castle “In love with the wind .” The attraction is located in Ravadinovo village, just a few kilometers away from Sozopol. The magical Fountain of wishes was completed a few days ago, but has already managed to become a favorite of the visitors. According to the legend if you throw a little coin in its waters you will not only return to the Castle, but your wishes will come true.

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In addition to the Fountain of wishes there are a lot other reasons to visit the castle. “In love with the wind” was awarded for the best tourist attraction in the world in the prestigious international competition Design Award “2016. The splendid architecture of the Bulgarian castle ahead with its design even the residence of the King of Saudi Arabia – Abdullah .

To enter the castle and its incredible gardens in which are strolling and flying peacocks, you must pay an entrance. The ticket costs 10 leva or approximately 5 euro. ” In love with the wind” takes its name from the peculiar microclimatе. Even when its too hot outside in the castle is blowing a gentle breeze . 


You can not only visit the castle but also to marry inside. There is a working church in the attraction.The winery which was built underground, is hiding a long table and numerous chairs, and you can have your celebration in a fabulous atmosphere and the company of knights .


In the Castle  you can have a lunch or dinner. to drink coffee, enjoy the white and black swans swimming in the lake or to get to know the different animals in the mini zoo. Or to enjoy the work of the self-taught woodcarver Racho Angelov, whose fabulous creations are stored in the castle. And as the tireless owner constantly updated tourist attraction you have a reason to return again and again, just as the legend of the fountain says.

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