Free lift to Mechi Chal on February 8th

On the 8th of February for the 21st time in Chepelare will celebrate the anniversary of the winning of a gold medal in the biathlon at the 1998 Nagano Olympic race by Ekaterina Dafovska. The victory was actually won on February 9, but the date was changed for the celebration. On the day of the holiday, the lift to the ski area of ​​Mechi Chal will be free of charge.

Mechi chal free lift

To take advantage of the extras, however, you will have to join the games and competitions organized on the occasion of the holiday. A ski and snowboard slalom race is planned in different groups. Attractive games and races are also planned for the youngest children. Naturally, the holiday will not go without music and dancing.

Mechi chal free lift
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