Free wi-fi in the touristic sights of Nessebar

The municipality of Nessebar works on a European project, which will provide free wi-fi in 10 of the most visited tourist spots in the city and the nearest sea resorts. Tourists will now be able to communicate and surf online for free on Juliet Shishmanova Square, Mesemvria Square in the old town of Nessebar, protected by UNESCO, as well as in the ancient amphitheatre and the southern park of the city.


Three free internet access points are provided in Nessebar – the bus stop in the Old Nessebar, the Northern parking lot and the town stadium in the town. In addition, free internet in Nessebar, where guests can share the beauties of Bulgaria in the social networks, is scheduled to be released in the central square of Obzor, in the centre of Ravda and in the centre of Sveti Vlas.

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