Get in shape in Aparthotel Lucky Bansko

To lose weight with pleasure. That already is posiible with the  one and only profilactical programme for getting in shape without starvation LuckyFit. If you choose the programme of Aparthotel Lucky Bansko you can loose weight, reduce the stress and be on a holiday at the same time. During the stay you will have as well as an opportunity for unique and beneficial active rest among the beautiful nature of Pirin, Rila and Rhodopes. The programme guarantees you permanent weight loss and also usefull advices for keeping it.
get in shape lucky bansko
Each package is available for 7 or 14 days with accommodation, by choice. The programme depends on various entertainment activities and healthy food. The Hotel organises classes in folk and modern dances, mountain hiking to the most interesting sightseeing in the district , swimming, horse riding, water aerobics and different spa procedures.
get in shape lucky bansko
The diet is developed by prof.  Bozidar Popov,  Chairman of the Bulgarian Society of Nutrition and Dietetics. The daily menu is healthy and various and is up to 1200 calories per day in 4 courses. In the first week the participants loose from 4% to 9% of their weight and from 6% to8% in the second week. The main aim is to be achieved healthy and permanent wigth loss of 20% per year.   get in shape lucky bansko   The Programme LuckyFit includes accomodation in studio lux , full board, medical control, mountain hikinfg on daily bases, Chinese breathing exercises every morning, combined exercises in the afternoons. The participants can use the swimming pool with nlimited time in the swimming pool, the Jacuzzi and hydro jet , saunas and  steam baths for unlimited time. In the package is included also horse riding and free waching of the clothes. All the participants get as a present hat and t-shirt with the logo of the programme.
get in shape lucky bansko In the programmes LuckyFit Plus and Antistress the participants get for free also 3 classical or relaxing massages. And if they choose  LuckyFit Ultra they get for free 3 massages plus a roman massage with honey and milk and facial treatment. If you sigh in the programme for a second time there is 30% discount.   Booking hotels in Bansko


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